Data Analytics

Systematize your data together and discovery the interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns of your data for effective business decision.

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In the data universe it is tedious to gather the right data from the unstructured sources and making tougher time to turn the raw data into a meaningful insight at the given turn around time. HiSmart provides the unique solution for all your data integration works, we follow a high standard process and automation techniques for the data integration, mapping, and transformation to make your job easy and data secured.

How it deals with Data Change the picture as below

Data Extraction

The HISMART system deliberately extract the data from any of the source systems like Yardi, MRI, OneSite, AppFolio. Etc, many of which may be unorganized or completely unstructured. It will be then consolidated and stored in a centralized location to transform it. Our system can read and convert the data from any of the relationship model (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many).


Data Processing

HiSmart have the unique method where the end users can directly utilize the inbuild mappings and transformation logics to process and design the reporting per the requirement.


Data Analysing & Load

Our System has the inbuild data analysis tool to compare and find the changes, New and Drop transactions between reports. It allows to compare n number of report sets at a time.


Data Visualization

HiSmart provides meaningful insights to clients through dashboards and its helps to know the exact project status and data trends. It really helps client to make quick business decision.


Easy Deployment

Deploying and maintaining HiSmart system is an easy job for the clients. The inbuild plugins and menus makes user to design and configure the system based on their requirements.


Efficiency Gain

The complete automation solution and very less manual intervention helps client to improve the efficiency.


Data Quality

Our system's automated Source and Output comparison report analysis helps client to identify the erroneous data and flag it appropriately. We follow the data quality principles of Timeliness, Completeness, Consistency, Integrity, and Accuracy on each of the data processing to ensure 100% quality.


Dedicated Environment

- Our dedicated UAT and Live system are designed in a way to handle New Onboarding and Change Request separately on the UAT environment and only after deep analysis and testing performed on the UAT environment, the code changes will be deployed into the Live environment.

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